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Mobile Phone Repair

Here at the Gadget Repair Company, we pride ourselves on being able to solve any issue. See below some common problems that can occur with your device. Once you have identified the issue, you can use the contact form below to contact us for a quick response. Don’t worry if your problem isn’t listed, use the message box to tell us the issue so our technical team and advise you with the best possible solution. If we cannot repair your device there and then, we offer a pick-up and drop-off service for all devices. We can even offer a temporary device (subject to availability) whilst your’s is being repaired. We look forward to hearing from you!

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this and a new digitiser will be needed. Contact our technicians for more advice.

If your home button has stopped working, you should call our technicians for a repair. The problem could be anything from a clean to requiring a new button.

If your battery has been recently charged and your device is not powering up, this could be a fault with the power port. You will have to contact our technician for a repair.

This will need to be repaired by our technicians as it is a problem with the mother board. Contact us today to book in a repair.

If your device only works when the charger is plugged in, this requires a new battery as the current one isn’t holding power. Contact our technicians today for advice.

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